Top 5 Board Games for All Occasions and All Ages

Board games can be great entertainment for young and old. They can provide hours of pleasure when played with other family members and can be a great bonding experience. They are also an excellent way to keep guests amused, and the tournaments work especially well for keeping guests involved at a party. The trick with board games is to choose those which are simple enough for young children to understand the rules but intriguing enough to keep an adult’s attention.

The following board games meet these criteria and should be staples in most homes:


Inexpensive checker boards are made from cardboard and usually wear out quickly. Metal checkers are a better option because they are practically indestructible. The best investment for families may be to purchase a solid wood checker set. Although a bit more expensive, wooden checker sets can last a lifetime. Checkers is a game which requires critical thinking skills and strategizing.


While chess is a game requiring analytical skill, it is one of the board games considered most educational for expanding the reasoning of young children. They particularly enjoy moving the chess men, and these are available in special editions that add extra meaning to the game. Chess men can be ordered in the following themes:

King Arthur Chessmen
Egyptian Chessmen
17th Century Luxury French Chessmen
The Battle of Kazan Chessmen
Napoleon Chessmen
What a wonderful way to teach history while enjoying an evening of fun with the family!


Cribbage has been around for years but still provides challenging play for all ages. It is also a game that has varieties which will add more difficulty as children advance in their skills. Double Track Cribbage, Triple Track Cribbage, and Continuous Triple Track Cribbage all add new challenges as players progress.


Michigan Rummy is another board game that can provide excitement for people of all ages and is especially appropriate for older children, teens and adults. Because this game uses cards as well as a board, and involves both skill and luck, it teaches children to hone their mental abilities, but to accept defeat gracefully when fate intervenes.


Children who have reached the age where they will not swallow marbles, are ready for this interesting challenge. Chinese checkers teaches decision making, counting, and colors. Chinese checkers can provide hours of fun and laughter, and the hardwood board and glass marbles will last a lifetime.

Family time is important, and board games can enhance the interaction of members and teach important skills and lessons. Designating one night each week for the family to play board games together may be one of the best decisions that a parent can make. – The #1 backgammon retailer on the planet serving the online community since 1999. We carry the lar

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